5 misconceptions that long time about hair care

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Navigating the abyss of hair care advice can be overwhelming, with countless tips and tricks available at every turn. From old wives’ tales to trendy TikTok hacks, the world is full of hair care myths that can leave us confused and unsure about what to believe. As an experienced barber stylist, I’ve witnessed firsthand how these myths can lead to hair mishaps and misunderstandings. It’s time to sift through these beliefs and separate fact from fiction. In this blog, we’ll cut through the noise and debunk some of the most common hair care myths. Whether it’s the idea that cutting your hair makes it grow faster or the myth that wearing hats causes baldness, we’ll untangle the truth and set the record straight.

I have often heard about hair problems. That it was cause by that factor. This factor Until leading to the wrong hair care, so any girl who wants to have strong, beautiful and shiny hair naturally. Don’t miss out on 5 misconceptions. That we may accidentally do for a long time. As a result The hair is damage and difficult to take care of. Let’s see ufabet http://ufabet999.app if the belief is wrong. What are they?

1. Washing your hair often causes heavy hair loss.

Believe that girls Must have heard each other often that Washing your hair too often contributes to heavy hair loss. In fact, washing your hair doesn’t actually contribute to your hair loss more than washing your hair infrequently, as we usually lose about 50-100 hairs per day. and if the hair loss is more than usual What you should do is Finding the real cause than not washing your hair Because that can cause problems with the scalp and hair as possible.

2. Use baby shampoo to help reduce hair loss problems.

Every time you encounter the problem of hair loss. Many people are often recommend to use baby shampoo. Because I believe that baby shampoo can help reduce hair loss problems well, but in fact, children’s and adult shampoos are not much different. Only baby shampoo contains ingredients that help reduce eye irritation. Or do not cause burning eyes only But that does not mean that there are no chemicals at all, because if you want to use a shampoo without chemicals. Should choose a type of shampoo. Sulfate-Free, Silicone-Free and Paraben Free will solve the problem more precisely.

3. Haircut often, hair grows faster.

Many women believe that frequent haircuts will make your hair grow faster. But in fact The rate of hair growth is determined by the hair follicle locate under the scalp. While the part of the hair that grows out Not fed by any nerves at all. That’s why when we cut hair, it doesn’t cause pain. Therefore, trimming or cutting the ends of the hair frequently Doesn’t make the girls’ hair It’s as long as you think.

4. Wearing hats often makes you bald.

Many people do not dare to wear hats. Because it is believed that wearing hats often will cause hair loss so severe that it becomes bald. Which many people who go to the doctor and consult about hair loss problems Often blame and believe that the problem of hair loss to the point of baldness is caused by frequent wearing of hats. which in fact Hair segments do not survive oxygen from the outside air. But will be fed with oxygen from the blood vessels around the hair follicle. Therefore, it can be assured that frequent hats are not the cause of baldness.

5. Solve the problem of split ends with hair care products.

Many people choose hair care products to solve the problem of split ends. But this is the wrong way. Because split ends are caused by dry hair at the ends of the hair. The treatment for split ends is to cut or trim them only. Because of this problem, no product can cure it. hair care section It only helps prevent hair from split ends continuously or more than before.