10 Things Patients With Asthma Can’t Do

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10 Things Patients With Asthma Can’t Do

“Asthma” is a congenital disease of many people and found in a similar number of female and male patients. Asthma is so severe that it affects health to the point that it is one of the common diseases for which military conscripts are specially excluded. Why is that? And what should patients with asthma not do? ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com has already given the answer.

10 Things Patients With Asthma Can’t Do

1. Little rest, not enough sleep

2. Hard work or exercising too hard

3. Eating or inhaling things that cause allergies such as dust, pollen, nuts, etc.

4. Taking hormonal drugs, steroids, or prednisolone. (Used to suppress inflammation)

5. Using an overdose of inhalers or more than the number of times prescribed by the doctor If using the inhaler, the symptoms do not improve. should consult a doctor

6. Eat foods that contain sulfites such as dried fruits, pickled vegetables, spices, wine, beer, lemon juice, food coloring, monosodium glutamate and saltpeter (often used in naem), etc.

7. Allow yourself to be moody, irritable, angry, because emotional conditions can also trigger asthma attacks.

8. Smoking

9. Ignoring the patch, causing flu symptoms or bronchitis disappears by itself If not promptly treated properly There is a chance of exacerbating attacks.

10. In a crowded, humid place, the air is not ventilated.

Symptoms of people with asthma

The patient will have suffocation, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, tiredness, cough, chest tightness, as if lacking oxygen. which these symptoms can gradually Relieve by yourself slowly. But it is a chronic disease that is difficult to cure and requires constant medical care.So,

Although asthma is not a fatal disease But if there are severe symptoms have a complication or combined with other personal diseases It may be dangerous to death as well. For this reason patients should always take care of themselves and stay healthy. get enough rest Eat all 5 food groups and exercise regularly. (Not too heavy) to increase immunity to various diseases. by myself